Flat Water Fun Kayak Lesson (up to 3 hours)

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This is a 3 hour session introducing you to the basic techniques and safety aspects of having fun on lakes, slow moving rivers and calm coastal areas. If you are paddling on West Lakes, the Port River, the River Murray and want to do it right, have confidence and be safe... this is for you! 


The course includes the following but can be modified in negotiation with our highly experienced instructors to suit your needs. After learning the skills, we generally explore one of the beautiful mangrove creeks or visit a ship wreck.

Session content - First 2 hours

• Basic kayak design, fit out and essential safety equipment

• Posture and balance
• Launching and landing in varied locations
• Kayak control skills (forward & reverse paddling, turning, supporting)
• Wet Exit-what happens when you tip over!
• Simple self-rescue techniques
• Weather and environmental basics

Practice your new skills - Last hour of session

For the last hour of the session we encourage you to put your new skills into practice, by exploring a nearby area on your own. One of our staff will be keeping an eye on you from shore, and is able to assist if needed. You can paddle as close to shore as you need to feel comfortable. 


The lesson includes the use of a quality kayak, buoyancy vest, paddle, quality paddling jacket and any other required kayaking or safety equipment. You may use your own equipment if it is Australian Standards compliant.

We recommend that all kayakers become familiar with the Marine and Safety recommendations for kayaks and canoes. Check out this link for important information and resources.

Bookings are essential. 

Full details will be sent via email immediately once your booking is made. 

We meet you at the  Garden Island Boat Ramp and Reserve, Garden Island Road, Gillman.